Mastering Mind and Body: 5 Best Yoga Trainers in Delhi NCR

Posted On : 25 Apr 2024
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Yoga might be a good option for you if you are not that person who puts on headphones and is busy running on that treadmill in the gym. It helps you not only get fit and lose weight but also feel calm and ready to tackle that equipped day of yours.

To help you experience the serenity of your mind and body, we have listed 5 finest yoga trainers in Delhi NCR.

1. Mini Shastri

Mini Shastri is one of the renowned yoga trainers with 25 years of experience who believes that “Yoga is 99% practice and 1% theory.” She has learned yoga under T Krishnamacharya Lineage, Mysore, and Chennai. Mini is the founder of Om Yoga Shala in Vasant Vihar, Delhi, a serene place to practice yoga, and also a founder of conceptual Wellness Consultant for Paro Good Earth. 

She is skilled in a unique breathing technique called Vinyasa Krama Yoga program that focuses on essential breath work, pranayama, and meditation. Mini was a columnist for Hindustan Times and wrote a bi-weekly yoga article titled “Yoga Journey.” Being a mother of three, she has also written a book “Yoga for Kids.” 

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2. Garima Bhandari 

Garima Bhandari is an internationally recognized yoga practitioner and wellness mentor with 10 years of experience. She has won many awards and has been covered by Her Story and Forbes. Garima has been the exclusive face of a Yoga Channel by Aaj Tak, where she headed her Yoga show as a brand ambassador. 

She has mastered her expertise in yogic sciences and helped her followers, who strongly resonate with her yoga and pranayam tutorials. She breaks down the intimidating and complicated yoga asanas into simple, understandable, and beginner-friendly forms.

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3. Apoorva Gupta 

Apoorva Gupta is a trained yoga therapist with 13 years of experience and the founder of InBreath, where she offers personalized yoga sessions, coaching, and leadership workshops. As a certified coach from Tao Coaching Academy, Apoorva offers and adapts the ancient tools of yoga to modern contexts.

She has learned powerful and different techniques to heal and change, like Transgenerational Healing, The Mahabharata, Energy Work (Reiki), Chakras, the Existential Universal Mapper, and the Pandava Profile. Apoorva combines all these ideas to curate experiences where people work on themselves, which has a long-lasting effect. Apart from all this, she also teaches beginner yoga to kids. 

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4. Diya Kapoor

Diya Kapoor has been a yoga practitioner for almost 15 years. She currently runs her studio, Kriya Yoga, which means “to work,” in Vasant Vihar, where she teaches personal and group yoga sessions. She specializes in various yoga styles, including hatha yoga, prenatal yoga, power yoga, and many more.

Divya stands apart from others as her vigorous yet soothing yoga postures for the lower back, upper back, arms, shoulders, and other parts help in proper fitness and relaxation of the body. Her sessions are well balanced, starting with a quick warm-up to Suryanamaskars and leading to different balancing poses to improve one’s posture. 

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5. Riya Vyas 

Riya Vyas is an internationally certified yoga teacher and wellness expert. She is the founder of Riya Unalome Yoga, which focuses on health and happiness for the mind and body. Through her Yin and Sound Bath workshops, Riya specializes in sound healing to reduce stress and anxiety. Her yoga sessions are an amalgamation of classical hatha yoga with modern vinyasa yoga, where she helps integrate breathwork. 

Her plans for yoga sessions are pretty flexible, and you can book either online or offline at your convenience. Riya has helped many women deal with PCOD very effectively through her 21-day yoga challenge and aims to bring in a holistic approach to her nature of yoga.


With these listed yoga experts, we hope to help you gain that overall fitness with result-driven approaches and improve your well-being for mind and body.

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