Top 5 Homeopathic Doctors in Delhi NCR

Posted On : 15 Apr 2024
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Healthcare is something that everyone should keep on top of. Even if it's a minor dysfunction in the human body, a person runs to the doctor to get the proper treatment for it. And among those people, some still opt for holistic healing rather than fast modern medicine and treatments. 

For that holistic approach to healing, our Homeopathic doctors come in. With the rooted principle of natural remedies, they help us regain our body's innate ability to heal itself. 

If you are looking for natural healing and wellness, we have listed the top 5 homeopathic doctors in Delhi NCR for you to connect with.

1. Dr. Taniyaa Bakshhi

Dr. Taniyaa Bakshhi is a homeopathic doctor with a bachelor's degree in  Medicine from the Bakson Homeopathic College, Greater Noida. She is Dr. S.P.S. Bakshi's daughter, famous for their renowned brand Bakson's Homeopathy.

Dr. Taniyaa specializes in skincare and reviving hair growth with natural homeopathy remedies. Her brand, Sunny Herbals, helps people with their skin and hair-related issues. She is also the founder of team Youniverse, which provides positive mental health for the youth of India and helps in emotional wellness through Dr. Bakshi' sBakshi's Flower Remedies. Her unique treatment methods have undoubtedly helped many people.  

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2. Rupam Sharma

Dr. Rupam Sharma is an MD in homeopathy from DBRAU, Agra, with a PG from Hahnemann College of Homeopathy, London. She runs her homeopathic clinic and is a PhD scholar in homeopathy who believes in natural healing. Dr. Rupam is quite famous among kids as she deals with all kinds of child healthcare homeopathy medicines that kids can easily consume. With her aim to contribute to holistic healing and well-being, she also specializes in curing diabetes with homeopathy. 

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3. Dr Mukta Garg

Dr. Mukta Garg, a homeopathic practitioner for 24 years, helps people solve any health-related issues. She focuses on suggesting some proper immunity-enhancing foods to include in your diet so that you can fight diseases like the common flu, allergies, sore throat, fever, and inflammation. Dr. Mukta helps resolve anxiety, stress, and along with that many other ailments through her Niruja homeopathy.  

4. Dr. Pratibha Tanwar

Dr. Pratibha Tanwar is a gold medalist in homeopathy. She helps cure diseases like asthma, acne, bedwetting in children, leucoderma, and many more. Her homeopathic treatments have helped many women cure thyroid-related problems very effectively, and she also helps in weight loss through her homeopathic treatments. 

5. Dr. Deepika Singh 

Dr. Deepika Singh runs her homeopathic clinic, which has three branches with the name Dr. Deepika's Homeopathy, which aims to restore health naturally. With 1000+ Google reviews and 5000+ happy patients, they are reaching every corner of the globe. She specializes in treating cases of piles, fissures, and fistula with a success rate of 99.7% by using a pure herbal, homeopathic treatment that has no side effects. 

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We hope this range of homeopathic doctors, with their vast experience and specializations, will help you solve your health-related issues if you are also looking for a natural cure for your body.