Cosmic Connections: Meet the Top 5 Tarot Masters in Delhi NCR

Posted On : 23 Apr 2024
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Often, there are times when we get stuck trying to figure out between listening to our head and heart. We worry about what might happen if we pick one and ignore the other. Everyone wishes one could see the future, but it’s not something we can do. So, to get some idea, you can reach out to tarot card readers who can help you plan and decide things accordingly.

To have all your questions answered, we have listed the top 5 tarot card readers from Delhi NCR who are:

1. Anubha Gupta

Anubha Gupta is a renowned tarot consultant and life and motivational coach. She got into tarot card reading to connect with her intuition and make better predictions. Over time, she mastered her skills and learned other related things like reading tea leaves, Feng Shui, and even reading signatures and wine! She even wrote a book called “Your Search For Happiness Ends Here.” So, if you have any questions or problems, you can sort out all your dilemmas.  

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2. Varsha Sangal 

Varsha Sangal has performed more than thousands of tarot readings and is a certified tarot reader in Delhi. She has expertise in marriage business loss, relationships, and careers. Varsha started Beyondkarm, a brand that has helped people with healing retreats for over 20 years. Her services, along with tarot card reading, also offer reiki, past life regression, soul talk, cosmic connections, akashic records, and DNA reversal through energy healing. These special techniques of Varsha have helped people let go of their emotional baggage, spiritual hurt, and wrong ideas about themselves. 

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3. Nita Mehta 

Nita Mehta is one of the renowned tarot readers in Delhi NCR. She started her mystic journey in the late 1990s and discovered how reiki took a huge turn in her life. Nita’s tarot reading is not just about future predictions but a divine understanding of various things like feeling claustrophobic or depressed, career choice, being stuck in work, and many others. She offers family consultations, crystal healing, aura reading, chakra reading, theta healing, age regression, and dealing with fears and phobias. 

Nita’s healing sessions have worked wonders for people who seek her help, leaving them lighter-hearted and happier. 


4. Satbir Kaur 

Satbir Kaur is a certified tarot and psychic reader. Coming from the experience of 5 years in tarot card reading, she is listed as the top reader on the Astrotalk app. Tarot for Satbir is all about bringing positivity and satisfaction, and she spreads the same guidance to all her clients. Her dealing with customers on a personal level has helped them solve many astrological issues with a great level of happiness and satisfaction. You can easily reach out to Satbir to bring that wellness into your life.

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5. Priyanka Bhatnagar

Priyanka Bhatnagar is one of the best tarot card readers and reiki therapists and has also been awarded for the same. She has the special ability to see things that others can’t, and with her strong intuition, she can understand people in a much better way. Apart from tarot and reiki, Priyanka also specializes in dowsing (the art of reading through water) and coffee cup reading; she is an angel card reader, aura reader, and numerologist. Her sessions have helped people get clarity of situations with a great level of satisfaction.


We hope these listed tarot card readers specializing in their unique techniques will greatly help solve your problems and bring you complete satisfaction.

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