Transforming Women's Comfort And Confidence : Angiya Bras

Posted On : 13 Nov 2023
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Many of you will agree that we often prioritize our outfits but don't give much thought to selecting good bras. However, some women like Priyanka Thakran consider this and understand the pain and discomfort that many women experience.

Priyanka Thakran is on a mission to change women's perspectives on bras. She recognized that women often wear ill-fitting bras that can be harmful to both breast health and the environment. Her inspiration came from history when she observed women in Haryana, Gujarat, and Rajasthan wearing the 'angiya,' a small choli that provides enough breast coverage and comfort. These cholis are practical and stylish enough to be worn as outerwear. She turned her dreams into reality with this vision and introduced 'Angiya Bras.' Let's delve into the journey that has brought her to where she is today.

The Art of Transition: Filmmaker to Designer

Priyanka Thakran wasn't initially involved in clothing and design, as she used to be a filmmaker. She had studied and lived in the USA, traveled extensively around the world, and spent over a decade in the film industry in Mumbai, where she ran her own production company. As a film producer and director, she oversaw all aspects and departments, including "Costumes." With her new endeavor, she deliberately focused all her attention on costumes and designs, driven by her interests.

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Angiya Bras: Priyanka Thakran's Gift Of Comfort To Women Everywhere

In 2017, Priyanka Thakran launched her lingerie brand, "Angiya," The Indian Bra, as she was dissatisfied with the quality and design of bras available in the market. Once she redesigned her Grandma’s Angi, it motivated her to start her brand and name it "Angiya." 

 Initially, she designed bras for herself only, but when she realized that other women also wanted them, she expanded her business. Angiya began with four sizes and four designs, which have now grown to include 30 designs and 300 sizes, going up to an I cup in size. They offer lingerie made from natural and organic artisan fabrics such as mammal, muslin, kala cotton, velvet silks, linen, and brocade that feel great and eliminate discomfort. Their bra’s underwire is constructed organically, and the straps can be customized. The brand has also been featured in various fashion and lifestyle magazines.

Angiya represents more than just a collection of undergarments; it's a statement that every woman deserves to feel comfortable in her skin.