Shining A Spotlight on Women Entrepreneurs: 60 Seconds Elevator Pitch 2.0

Posted On : 21 Oct 2023
Shining A Spotlight on Women Entrepreneurs: 60 Seconds Elevator Pitch 2.0

Almost every other household has women-run businesses, yet they often exist outside the mainstream economy. These businesses depend on word of mouth, support from friends and family, and local WhatsApp groups for promotion. But is that sufficient? We believe it's not.


"Women Listed," a platform that promotes women-owned businesses, brings all of India's working women together under one umbrella, creating a women-centric ecosystem. Our goal is to promote women-led businesses through our extensive reach on Google and our strong social media presence. We've designed an organized business listing specifically for you.


Our program, '60 Seconds Elevator Pitch,' aims to visit different neighborhoods every month, bringing women entrepreneurs together. Through this program, we offer emerging women entrepreneurs a 60-second stage to speak about their work. This not only boosts their confidence but also provides a marketing opportunity. Our inaugural '60 Seconds Elevator Pitch' event took place in Panchsheel Park, where 50 women shared their businesses and got listed.


On the 18th of October, "Women Listed" hosted a second event, named "60 Seconds Elevator Pitch 2.0," at The Country Club, Sainik Farms, which turned out to be a huge success. Over 60 women entrepreneurs made their presence felt and shared the journeys that brought them here. These women were from various fields, such as food, fashion, education, training, health, NGOs, and more. This unique opportunity to express themselves and their businesses in just one minute might have seemed challenging, but it allowed the women to speak their hearts out without any filter. This event inspired women to say, "I am enough."


During the event, Meeta Gutgutia, the founder of "Women Listed," shared valuable insights into women's entrepreneurship and stressed the importance of networking in the business world. Additionally, Aarti Kapur, a wellness enthusiast, made a significant contribution to the event's success by offering continuous support.


Following the pitches, women entrepreneurs had the chance to interact and build connections. The event didn't just celebrate these women's strength and determination; it also gave them a chance to support, get inspired by, and make connections as they pursue their business dreams.


Moreover, we are continuing on this journey with the next "60 Seconds Elevator Pitch 3.0" event planned at the Friends Club in Friends Colony. So, stay connected with us for further updates.