Mastering The Art Of Image Consulting: Tina Walia

Posted On : 14 Nov 2023
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Whether meeting an interviewer or simply mingling at a social event, your first impression counts and can make a huge difference. Your positive image and strong impression can help you shine personally and professionally. 

However, sometimes, we lack confidence and need someone to train us to handle social interactions fully. This is where professionals like Tina Walia come into the picture. A renowned image consultant and soft skills trainer, Tina Walia has dedicated her career to helping individuals and organizations unlock their full potential and shine in public. Let's delve into Tina's work and her achievements so far.

                                                                                                                                                                             Also Read, Transforming Women's Comfort And Confidence: Angiya Bras

Looking Back At Tina Walia's Past Endeavors

Tina Walia earned her Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Delhi University. Later, she became a model. She also expanded her skills in design, fashion, and makeup. With their husband, she opened a "Super Haute Girl" store in South Delhi. This store helps women of all ages look and feel good, promoting different body types and making women feel confident in their style.

Tina Walia: The Model Turned Mentor

After her kids grew up, Tina started a new career as an image consultant and soft skills trainer. Since then, she has been on a steady personal and professional growth journey. Today, Tina is not only an internationally certified image consultant and soft skills trainer but also a master NLP practitioner and an ICF-certified life and wellness coach. She is involved in her husband's NGO, "Water Of Life," and conducts various workshops.

                                                                                                                                                                                                       Also Read, Creating Mental Health Harmony: Shaira Kohli

Tina finds immense joy and satisfaction in her work, whether with corporate clients, educational institutions, or individual clients. She likes helping people do their best, whether preparing for a business event, attending a professional meeting, enjoying a social dinner, or shining in an interview with a prospective company or client.

In the future, Tina wants to write a book, start a YouTube channel, and have her podcast. She encourages everyone to do something they enjoy every day, which can lead to finding your passion and purpose, and that's how you can make the world a better place.