Bhavna Sodhi Manchanda: Pioneering Excellence in Wealth and Health Management

Posted On : 11 Jan 2024
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Bhavna Sodhi Manchanda, a versatile professional, serves as a management consultant, financial advisor, and health mentor, showcasing her multifaceted expertise in the realms of wealth and health. As the President of “Consortium Securities Pvt Ltd,” she provides people with financial well-being. And as the Director of the Gynecological center, she significantly enhances the experience of patients visiting “Manchanda’s Endoscopic Centre.”

Academic Pursuits And Professional Start

Hailing from Delhi, Bhavna completed her Bachelor’s in Economics and entrepreneurship from Jesus & Mary College in 2001. Later, in 2003, she pursued her MBA at Infinity Business School, securing a campus placement with Standard Chartered Bank.

Initially, she served as a Financial Consultant at Standard Chartered Bank. Due to her outstanding work, she was quickly promoted to the position of Branch Manager, leading the “All Women’s branch” within the network and mentoring individuals for higher roles. She then advanced to become the Associate Director, overseeing a team of over 100 employees and heading the North India Priority Banking segment. Later, she assumed the role of Vice President of the Investments & Strategy department at NFX Digital Pvt Ltd, a startup in the media and advertising space.

Leadership At Consortium Securities Pvt Ltd

Bhavna’s extensive background in banking and investment has equipped her with a profound understanding of financial markets. This expertise enables her to head the Mutual Funds division at “Consortium Securities Pvt Ltd,” a reputable financial market intermediary catering to a diverse clientele. Her role, as President Wealth, involves overseeing the strategic growth and development of investment portfolios while offering investment advisory services. 

Women’s Healthcare Advocacy And Leadership

She holds the position of Director at Manchanda’s Endoscopic Center, a distinguished gynecological center of excellence that spans three generations and is managed by her husband, Dr. Rahul Manchanda. 

In her role as the Director, she is constantly developing and co-handling the CSR wing at the center with Dr Rahul Manchanda. She organizes free health camps that address first level detections of cervical cancer and breast cancer through pap smears and mammograms. She also uses YouTube as an effective channel to educate women about common gynecological problems, raising awareness among a wider audience.

Bhavna is deeply passionate about educating women on topics related finances and health. She frequently participates in talks and discussions about financial matters and has been quoted in the media for her insightful views on financial management. She has also received many accolades and certificates and won international trips for her work. 

Bhavna’s journey exemplifies leadership, and an unwavering commitment to empower other women as well. Her multifaceted contributions continue to leave a lasting impact, inspiring and transforming lives on various fronts, fostering a more empowered and informed society.

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