Elevating Women's Businesses: Introducing the "60 Second Spotlight”

Posted On : 06 Jul 2023
Women Listed on-ground event

We at Women Listed finally had the opportunity to host our much-awaited ground event, "60 Second Spotlight: Your Business in a Minute!" Inspired by the concept of an elevator pitch, which is to present your business or idea in a concise and compelling way in a short span of time, typically the duration of an elevator ride, hence the name!

The event was held at Udman Panchshila by Ferns N Petals and was successful in bringing together 25 exceptional women with unique skills, expertise, and groundbreaking business ideas that have yet to receive the recognition they truly deserve. The inspiration behind organizing this event stemmed from the realization that these exceptional women were not receiving the attention and support they deserved. Women, to date, face the challenge of growing their business or entrepreneurship and reaching a wide and targeted audience. To address this gap, we came up with the idea to create Women Listed and felt compelled to create an avenue that would connect and enable businesswomen and entrepreneurs. Our primary objective through this event is, likewise with our brand name, to provide a platform and connect like-minded individuals to network, collaborate, and showcase their businesses or areas of expertise. 

The response to our event was overwhelmingly positive, leading us to make it a recurring monthly affair from now on. Starting on the first Wednesday of every month, we aim to cover different localities, beginning with the vibrant Delhi NCR region before expanding to other cities across India. Our vision is to establish a comprehensive business listing exclusively dedicated to listing and promoting the talents of such women in various industries.

Through these regular events, we aspire to bring together women entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds, fostering an environment of mutual support, growth, and empowerment. Our ultimate goal is to shine a spotlight on the remarkable work being done by women in business and other fields of expertise, ensuring they receive the recognition they deserve while encouraging further success and collaboration. 

The "60 Second Spotlight: Your Business in a Minute!" event was just the beginning of our journey. With each subsequent event, we strive to unite more women, celebrate their achievements, and create a powerful network that amplifies their voices. Together, we can pave the way for a future where women's businesses and expertise flourish across the nation.