60 Seconds Elevator Pitch Chapter 02 - Sainik Farms

Posted On : 22 Sep 2023
60 Seconds Elevator Pitch Chapter 02 - Sainik Farms

Elevator pitches are essential for women business owners because they provide a brief, impactful way to introduce themselves and their businesses. This is crucial for making strong first impressions, networking effectively, and combating gender biases by presenting confidence and competence.


Elevator pitches help clarify their business’s purpose, stand out in a competitive market, and efficiently convey their unique value proposition in time-sensitive situations.


Why you should attend: A valuable opportunity for formal networking, honing one’s elevator pitch, garnering exposure, and obtaining constructive feedback within a concise and engaging framework.

This platform facilitates both personal and professional development, offering a formal avenue for growth and expansion.


Venue: The Country Club, Sainik Farms


Note: We will do a lucky draw to select 20 individuals to showcase their Business.